Sunday, 22 June 2014

The finishing line...

At the beginning of the week we managed a last minute impromptu trip out with hubby's sister. We've not been able to see her for awhile as getting about is difficult!  We chose to take a little trip to Wisley gardens, only down the road for us, but hard to get to without a car, so we never pass up the opportunity to go! I love looking at flowers and more to the point I have an obsession with photographing flowers!


I love the colours, the shapes, the patterns, individual blooms, or mass displays...

Sadly it was an overcast day, (of course it was sunny and hot when I was at work later in the week!). but it was warm and pleasant.

We went past the lily pond, and various borders and gardens...

Into the Glasshouse

Orchids have to be some of my favourites, with such intricate, delicate shapes

After a little picnic in the grounds, we walked to another lake, where we spotted some people feeding the ducks and fish. When we drew closer, we saw the most amazing sight. A mass of Trout, all lined up in a row at the waters edge, mouths open, waiting for the food, the strength in their tails pushing them forward, and flipping them round if they ended up facing the wrong way. With the ducks muscling in and clambering over them!

We all thoroughly enjoyed our day, and of course we rounded off the day with tea and cake!

For this weeks mood square I chose the Popcorn flower, from the 200 crochet blocks book by Jan Eaton, and I chose some lovely floral pinks and peaches for the colourway.

I have been dying to get started on a new piece, to get into the flow and rhythm of the crochet, but I have been good and just concentrated on sewing in ends, and blocking. Just when I thought I was ready to join my Heather squares, I found a mishap. Somehow, one of the threads had been cut, disaster, it meant I had to repeat this square again! So this has yet to be joined!

I completed the back of my Carnivale cal mandala cushion.

 I'm really happy with the way its turned out... 

What I hadn't realised is that the intention was to make the actual cushion too! Oh dear, I'm afraid that I'm going to back out of this bit and surrender, I will have to cheat and buy an insert! This may be tricky as round cushion inserts aren't too readily available, so until I find the right size pillow, it means I can't get on and finish the pom pom edging...

The good news is that I found my flower pattern book.

 So I did make a start on some cute little floral embellishments for the backing that i'd made previously.

I will need to stay focused this week, I need to reach the finish line on some of my projects. Despite 
whatever issues get thrown in the way, I am determined to have a ta dah moment, sooner rather than later!


  1. Lovely flower photographs and Wisley is an ideal place to capture as many different varieties as possible. Your mandala cushion looks great. Hope you have a good week.

    Jill, Christmas Pie Crafts

  2. Such beautiful flower pictures, it's sounds like you had a lovely time visiting Wisley. Another gorgeous square for your mood blanket too.

  3. What beautiful flower pictures! It sounds like you had a blissful time wandering around the gardens at Wisley.

    Your mandala cushion is soooo fab :) Its lovely to see both sides completed, i hope you manage to source an insert soon! x

  4. HI, your photographs are amazing! They should be in a book they look so real. I love the mandalas you made. They are beautiful!

  5. I love your flower photo's, the variety of colours, textures and patterns are beautiful. There is so much inspiration in nature.

    Jan x