Friday, 19 April 2013

Spring birdies have migrated...

I have been focussing on adding to my crochet birdie collection. I have made some of these previously. These are made from crochet granny circles, adding ribbons or other suitable materials for the tails, and buttons for the eyes.

I made a pair of pastel birds, from a pretty mixed coloured ball which was lovely and soft.

I added some organza and satin ribbon for their tails and some coloured wooden buttons for eyes.

I had another mixed ball, this one in brighter shades and the colour changes happened more frequently, so it had a completely different effect.

By adding different coloured beaks and edging, different style tails, and different patterned hanging ribbons, it made them completely unique.

This flock has migrated south to the Handmade studios, where each bird will be hoping to be picked out and find lovely new homes to nest in. Hopefully I will get the chance to visit next month, as it is near where my Mums lives, and I can see how they've settled in...

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