Sunday, 28 April 2013

Butterflies are growing...

This week I have experimented with the Butterfly pattern to create a bigger version.
My next try did come out a little larger, but i found, although not very noticeable there was some gapping.

So on my next attempt I crocheted a triple stitch into every stitch in between. This made the wings a lot bigger and more elongated. But i'm not too happy with the centre still, as its too chunky especially the antennae.

I purchased some pink and peach multi-toned yarn, as I liked the way mixed coloured yarn worked up when I was making the birdies. I hadn't noticed it was a thicker yarn though, so had to make some adjustments to the pattern as I went along.

On my last go I chose to do double crochet stitch in each stitch instead. This gave more roundness to the wings, which I was much more happy with. But I still need to play around with centre to get it just right.

I've photographed the latest butterfly against the original small pattern, so you can see the size increase.

John Carter
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****1/2 thoroughly enjoyable (and I want a Mars dog)

Ice Age 4
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****1/2 cant go wrong with an Ice Age film!


  1. Love the orangey butterfly - I think the body looks fine!

  2. I love the pink and white variegated yarn, looks so pretty when it's made up. I agree, the butterflies look great to me, but then I can't crochet!! xxx

  3. Love the butterflies! They could be used to decorate so many things.

  4. The pink and white butterfly is lovely and there's a myriad of uses.