Sunday, 21 April 2013

Spa's and Butterflies

I havent been able to hook up with 'Handmade Monday' for the last couple of weeks due to the trials + tribulations that life sometimes throws at us. I did manage a quick post in this time, if you'd like to see where my spring birdies have flown to.

I was given a special treat this Easter. As I work with chocolate, people don't like to give it to me as a present - thankfully! So as life has been quite difficult and stressfull at present my lovely hubby decided we needed a treat in the form of a spa day.
It was only a few miles away, and a quick trip on the train, but it was so lovely and relaxing, we felt like we could have been anywhere and felt like it was a proper trip away.
We checked in on Saturday night after work into a lovely little cosy room, with a big plump bed, with robes and slippers too...

After freshening up, we went down to the dining room, for our 3 course meal.

And then finished the night in the bar.

After a lovely breakfast, and checking out of the hotel, we were to spend the day in the leisure centre.
We did a full round of the sauna, steam room, swim and jacuzzi

We dried ourselves off as we had a treatment booked. A lovely, relaxing
massage, which was much needed, and we'd been looking forward too. I say relaxing, and mine truely was, but poor hubby took a bit of a pummeling, as his shoulders get so knotted and tense.
We stopped for a spot of lunch, before doing another round of the leisure facilities.

Its definately something we'd consider doing again, as taking some time out certainly did us the world of good.

Craft wise I have been continuing with the spring theme, this time working on Butterflies. They are based on the same method that I make my birds, but using more of a crochet flower rather than a granny circle. I read Maria's pattern on her blog, and gave it a go, the pattern was great and easy to follow.

I will use a similar idea but will experiment with the pattern as I want my Butterfly to be a little larger.


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  1. Your spa day sounds amazing! I like the butterfly. They are not that easy to do but this looks great.

  2. It sounds like you both had a lovely time away, it's nice that you found somewhere localish, too much travelling can be stressful in itself. It's nice to have a treat.

    Jan x

  3. Your weekend looks amazing - love the pool :o)

  4. Wow! What a lovely treat. Definitely good to have time out in what can be a very fast paced world!

  5. Oh, that spa looks sooooo relaxing! Love the purple on your butterfly

  6. Neeeeeeeed a spa day like that!! Great way to unwind and feelm like creating again!

  7. How wonderful, a spar weekend. Glad you enjoyed it.

  8. Looks like you had a lovely time. I love the butterfly design!

  9. ooh sounds like you and hubby had a lovely time at the spa! It is so important to set time aside for some down time isn't it, especially during a stressful period, i hope you both feel revived :)

    Your butterfly is so pretty! I love the colours you've used and look forward to seeing more! x

  10. Hope your time away has recharged your batteries. It sounded and looked wonderful. The butterfly is really pretty can't wait to see wait to see your own design.
    Ali x

  11. What a lovely way to spend a day with your other half. Your butterflies and birds are beautiful.

  12. Very pretty. I think the yellow, orange and red butterfly is stunning.