Sunday, 24 March 2013

Spring birdies to fight the winter blues...

So the weather has been appalling!! Winter seems determined not to leave, and it won't give spring a chance. We've had snow, heavy rain, icy winds and sub zero temperatures!!!
Despite this, i've been determined that Spring will finally battle it's way through, so i've gone back to the crochet, and have been growing the 'little flock of birdies'

A year ago I started to make crochet birds, as part of my learning, as circles were the first thing I learnt to make, and the circles just developed!

I chose some multi coloured yarn from my stash

and developed a fresh new birdie

by adding wooden buttons for eyes, coloured ribbon for a tail, and patterned ribbon for hanging...

the two birdies, past and present have come together

I have made some other varieties in the past, including a robin, a patriotic bird and a little purple bird

And have a couple of larger Mummy birds

Just a few more colourways that I want to try to complete this colourful flock...


  1. Gorgeous bright colours, just what we need during this dreadful cold spell. A great way of using smaller amounts of wool too.

    Jan x

  2. Wouldn't it be great to have a real life flock of brightly coloured birds landing on the lawn in the morning. It would certainly brighten the day up!

  3. What a cute, creative idea! They will be lovely to display if spring ever arrives. Sounds like you have really had winter! Have a great week, Pat

  4. Lets hope these birds can bring on spring with their colourful plumage :)

  5. That multi-coloured wool is gorgeous!

  6. I love the colours. So bright and cheerful.

  7. Fab colours you've got in that yarn! I love the birds you've created from your crochet :-) Simmi x

  8. Love the bright colours, You could get a branch and hang a flock of them to brighten a corner, to remind the weather it's Spring!
    Wendy x