Sunday, 7 October 2012

Roads to Rhodes - part 1

I finally made it to Greece, somewhere I always fancied going, and Rhodes was our destination...

Day 1
We arrived at 7am after a night flight, had an hours kip before breakfast. After looking round the hotel, we decided we needed to have a nap to be able to function for the rest of the day.

In the afternoon we took our guide map and took a stroll down to the harbour.

Found the medieval walls which surround the old town

And into the lanes and courtyards of the Old town

After dinner we were treated to some traditional Greek dancing

Day 2

We chose to do an open bus sight-seeing tour round the North of the Island.

We went round the whole route, taking in all the beautiful sights, before going round again and deciding where were going to jump on and off. Firstly we got off at the furthest point of the Old town walls.

After stopping for a refreshment, as we were wilting in the heat of the sun, we tried to follow the bus route but got a bit lost and ended up back at the hotel. So we walked back round to the harbour, to jump back on the bus. The huge and impressive Queen Elizabeth cruise ship was docked.

Back on the bus it took us to Rhodes acropolis.

And walked down to the ampitheatre.

Day 3

We had a nice lazy sunbathing day on the local beach.

Day 4

We took a boat trip to the Island of Symi, as we had been told it was beautiful.
We spent an hour and a half on the boat.

Looking back at the town we were leaving behind.

And headed towards the rocky Island.

Then we headed round to the small harbour of Panormitis, and the sight of the monastry loomed up ahead.

We went inside the monastry, which was beautiful with Byzantine paintings all over the walls, and went further up to see the impressive clock tower.

Back on the boat for another half an hour till the stunning view of Symi came before us.

With its beautiful traditional style buildings, going up into the side of the island.

We stopped for lunch, as it was the middle of the day heat, and we were in need of refreshment. I opted to a traditional sandwich, with mozerella and sun dried tomatoes.

We opted to take a train ride.

This way we were able to see more of the Island, plus we wouldn't have to walk up steep hills in the heat!

It took us up one side of the island, with great views. The water was so clear and a deep blue.

We strolled around the lanes.

And looked around the shops selling local produce, including leather goods and sponges.

After an enjoyable few hours around the beautiful island it was time to head back on the boat.

cont to part 2.....

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