Sunday, 7 October 2012

Roads to Rhodes - part 2

Day 5

Today was supposed to be a rest day for us. I did however want to walk into the New town. They had the stores that are all very familiar to us, including M+S and H+M. The reason for me wanting to go was i wanted to visit my favourite store Zaras. Although we have stores in the uk, i dont actually have one near to me. We were supposed to spend the afternoon sunbathing, but somehow we got lured into the Old town again.

With its bustling cafes.

And great tourist shops selling traditional items and momentos.

Amongst the history and ruins.

Its a place that we enjoyed spending time, with its great atmosphere, steeped in history, so we spent days and evenings there.

Day 6

We took a bus to Lindos, which is much further south down the Island, and somewhere we had considered staying. It took an hour and a half but was worth it when we arrived.

With its mountain goats

The first thing we did was take a donkey ride

up the steps and the steep slopes

to the acropolis at the top of the mountain

We climbed to the top to the temple ruins

With great views across the town

There was a great expanse of ruins

and temples.

We stopped at a greek taverna for some lunch.

We strolled around the lanes

checked out the beautiful beaches

and stunning harbour

Day 7

Our last day. As we were booked onto a night flight, we still had the whole day and evening to make the most of. So no surprise we chose to go to the Old town.

We went back to the hotel via the harbour, with its windmills

where there were a large quantity of cats, so famous that they are on postcards, and have their own calender.

On our way back we spotted a Greek male choir

In the evening, we went back to the Old town, to soak up the last of the atmosphere, and to buy the last of the presents to take back.

So it was goodbye Rhodes, and on the road to home... It was a pleasure and we wouldn't hesitate to go back...

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