Sunday, 14 October 2012

creepy & christmassy

So things have been tiring, stressful and emotional since coming back from holiday. All our thoughts and love are with my Mother-in-law who is currently in hospital.
I confess I haven't felt like doing any crafting at all, even though it's normally a form of relaxation for me.
But, I have a my 1st craft fair, in just under two weeks, so i've had to crack the whip, and get on with things.
I've dug out all things i've started and painstakingly focussed on finishing.

My Baubles, I decided needed to be in pairs and not just singles. This meant doing identical matches, something else that feels unnatural to me, as I like to do unique designs. I still have 3 more to finishes decorating!

I have finished off my Robin decorations.

These I started last winter and although I had crocheted all the bodies I hadn't done any of the finishing touches to make them come to life!

I couldn't help myself though! I had to start something new! With seeing all the halloween decorations and products around, I was inspired to crochet a Spider. He's not at all scary though, he's a friendly chappy!!

As well as all the makes i've been trying to get my head around all the other bits I may need for the stall, cloth for the table, business cards, price tickets etc... It's alot to get my head around especially when working full time! I'm trying not to get too worked up, I can only do my best with whatever I have on the day!!

Handmade Harbour


  1. The baubles are so striking, really lovely, as are the robins. I LOVE your spider (and that's coming from a spider hater!)!

  2. I think your spider looks perfect for halloween. Much friendlier than the ones who inhabit my house. Your baubles and the robins look gorgeous. I hope you have a less stressful week.
    Ali x

  3. You can't do any more than you can do (if that makes sense). Just get as much done as you can

  4. Your spider is just so cute! Good luck with the fair x

  5. Do what you can and if it comes to it, run off some business cards on your home printer - I often end up doing that :-) The baubles are lovely and your spider is so cute! The only spider I've been asked to crochet is for my daughter to terrify her b/f with and as I like him I've decided to hide all black wool for the duration :-)

  6. Sorry about your mil, hope she is on the mend now. Hope your fair goes well.

  7. love your friendly spider! its so easy to get inspired by something and head off on a tangent isn't it...

    good luck with the fair, i'm sure it will all come together in the end :) x

  8. I hope your MiL is improving.
    Best wishes for your craft fair, don't forget a notebook for any orders and your crocheting for those quiet moments.
    I'm sure everything will be fine.

    Jan x

  9. Good luck with the fair. Your baubles look lovely, and your spider a nice kind of scary! Look after yourself,
    Wendy x