Sunday, 16 September 2012

Finishing Touches

So this week I had a rummage through my chest, and I found quite a few unfinished items. I don't think I'm alone with the multi-project issue. I have an idea that I want to start, I get part way through or I've made a few then I come up with the next project I want to try. I thought it was about time these poor discarded items got completed.
When I was making my mini heart decorations, I thought I would try to convert the pattern to a larger size to make a heart plush. I had crocheted both sides, and even did some flower decorations.

But as I was sewing it up I felt something was missing. By then I had a new idea and the heart got pushed aside. I've now unpicked the sewing and crocheted a different coloured edging to tie in with the decoration.

So now I'm much happier with the outcome.

I've also completed another Bauble.

A red and white Nordic style one, decorated with red beads.

And I've decorated my little tree decoration.

I added little bead garlands and larger beads for baubles and the final added touch was a bell at the top of the tree!

I haven't touched knitting at all since I taught myself to crochet. So the scarves I had originally knitted hadn't had a look in as my passion for crochet took over. So again I will be finishing off, whether its just sewing in the ends or embellishing.

 I have managed to complete one and have a few more to do.

I will endeavour to carry on my good ways as I have plenty more finishing to do!  I'm not expecting to get to much done this week, as I have a hectic schedule. Its my 2nd Wedding anniversary on Tuesday. On Wednesday I have a long haul up to Derbyshire for works annual conference, plus my normal days at work.
But we have a holiday in sight, next Saturday we fly to Rhodes, and as we are both exhausted we are counting down the days...


  1. Lovely makes! Happy anniversary and have a lovely holiday x

  2. I love the bell at the top of the tree! Really like the bauble with the beads too. Happy anniversary and hope you have a fantastic holiday.

  3. Happy anniversary. A holiday in Rhodes sounds romantic! When I pull out my w.i.p. I usually look at it with different eyes which gives me the oomph to finish it!

    1. thanks we are looking forward to our hol :). Yes going back to work with fresh eyes does help!

  4. Love the heart plush and the baubles.Enjoy your anniversary and holiday.

  5. What a lovely makes ! Enjoy your time off - holidays are perfect fot ideas and thinking through new projects (oh, and resting, of course !)

  6. It's a great feeling to actually finish something that's been lingering, so satisfying.
    Hope you have a great holiday

  7. The bauble is my favorite. Sometimes the best things are made when we get half way making something and just think, no, better start again with this... x

  8. so many pretty things and lovely bright colours! :)

    the new border on your heart is the perfect finishing touch and i love your Christmas bauble - sooooooo cute! x

  9. Love the heart now you've reworked it. I have a UFO box I need to sort out - especially a bag I've knitted

  10. A lovely bright and cheery post, loving all the bright colours. Have a great holiday and congratulations on your anniversary.

    Jan x

  11. I'm glad you finished the heart. It looks lovely

  12. Happy anniversary! The tree is so cute.