Wednesday, 23 May 2012

work in progress - snails and turtles

I have been making progress with my snail. The hardest part for me, as a on-sewer, was connecting the shell to the body! All I have left to do now is the attenae...

Naughtily, I have moved on to the next character, before completing the previous, but I do get itchy fingers and have to control myself!
So the next plush is going to be...... *drum roll!*
A Turtle...

I really need to keep myself in check and not just get carried away with the making. I need to make sure that I write up the pattern properly and not just leave my scribblings on rough bits of paper, as these are all put up for sale on Etsy, and can be made up in the colourway of the buyers choice, so I do actually need to be able to repeat these, if I'm lucky enough to sell any.

Weather update:- Gone is the endless days of down pouring rain, and its been replaced with scorching heat - hello sunshine!

Bargain of the week :- Lovely vase picked up from my local charity shop


  1. The crochet circle designs that you crochet are amazing! I love the colors, what yarn do you use?

  2. Thank you :) i only tend to use acrylics, not out of choice but the most affordable.