Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Brighton and fishes.....

So... the fishy that I had started last week, has been completed! And it looks like a Fishy!! But I confess that I had to cheat a little bit as both sides didnt quite match up!! I dont think this was down to my pattern though, rather that I did too many rounds, so wasnt paying enough attention, but this is a good thing as i'm confident that it would work on a re-make.

Now i'm moving onto a new animal and a new pattern to contend with. The next one will be a Snail...

In other news, me and hubby took a day trip to Brighton.

This is a city that we love (hence we got married there) and would take regular trips there if the travel wasnt so pricey! We took a visit to hubbies Nan, and kept her company for the morning. Then made our way to the sea-front where we had a huge but traditional lunch...

You cant take a trip to Brighton, without walking round the lanes. Such a great mix of boutiques, gift stores, cafes and alternative products.

And it was great to see so many stores embracing the Jubilee theme in their windows.

There were alot of chocolatiers and candy stores to tempt us, one being CyberCandy, which had a whole feast of products imported from America, Canada and Australia.

We were incredibly lucky with the weather. It managed to stay bright for the majority of the day, and only got caught in a couple of short heavy showers, and the sky did look pretty menacing at times.

After a rejuvinating cup of coffee, we went back to the pier, we cant resist having a go on the 2p machines, they are pretty addictive..

 We were exhausted after our journey home, and didnt get back till late, but it was an enjoyable and satisfying day...


  1. Great pictures - especially love the stormy sky ones - ahhh Brighton :o)

  2. Loved the pix, we must go bak again some day soon as I just love it there too. x x x