Thursday, 3 May 2012

completing projects...

Well the weather has been bleak, I have yet another cold and the 'staffing' issues at work continue... but it's not all doom and gloom! I still have my 'Hooky' projects to keep me going!
I wanted to move on from the 'birdies' and have had loads of ideas buzzing round my head, but unsure which, if any I should actually go ahead with. So whilst I've been deliberating, I thought it would be a good opportunity to go back to various past projects, that had been put aside or put on hold!

Remember the crochet scarf - each day I've been adding to it's length - I am also considering adding some 'needle-felting' embellishment at each end. I feel this would bring it more to life and make it more unique, plus a great excuse for me to play with my new toy.

Previously, I had purchased a pattern for a crochet Owl,, which I had made one side of. I made the matching other side, and made his big eyes. I didn't understand the pattern for the beak, so I did make that bit up! Then I sewed him all together, which was relatively painless, stuffed him and ta dah...

My lovely colourful Owlie, all mine, and he will sit on the side with pride!

Incidently, as I was tweeting about his progress, I had interest from Happycatflower (the winning bidder of my knit relief birdies), who wanted to know what would happen to the owl on completion. She was disappointed to learn that I would be keeping him, but I am now in the process of making her her very own Owlie in her very own colourway!

I have also finished the last couple of birdies, now that I've found suitable ribbons and buttons to complete them. So we have small and large, red,white and blue, Jubilee birdies - a way of celebrating everything British this year - but in an understated way!

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