Friday, 8 June 2012

Guildford, Surrey county show...

i have had a long week at work so unfortunately i didnt have much energy or time to get any crafting done. finally i got to have a day off and as i had to come in to town anyway so i thought id hop on the train and take a train to guildford as i hadnt been there for over a year! it was a pleasure just strolling around the boutiques at leisure. i also found a stitch show which was an added bonus. i managed to get printer ink which i needed and some new trainers which i really needed and had been searching for for awhile. i also made a whimsical purchase of a couple of mini windmills, which i thought would add a touch of colour to the pot plants in the kitchen. 

on bank holiday monday it was the surrey county show. we were looking forward to this as we hadnt been for a couple of years and were hoping the weather would stay fine

there were a magnificent display of livestock, all the best of breeds being judged, from cows,and  sheep, to the more unusual pygmy goats. we stopped to watch a falconry display and started to meandre around the various stalls, with handmade, decorative and practical goods. the tent that was bustling the most, no surprise, was the food tent. a wide variety of goodies to be tested. the most amazing, and the most packed was a cake stall, with cakes so enormous they made people gasp and salivate, so of course we had to indulge! we also treated ourselves to a couple of bottles of alcohol, which had the wow factor when we had a few tasters. both based on old fashioned sweets, kola cubes and black jacks, and tasted amazing!

there were continual events going on in the main arena throughout the day. once we had covered the majority of the area we went to check out some of the entertainment. it started with a display from a pony club which was followed by an amazing wild west show. 

they did an amazing demonstration of acrobatics on the backs of their horses as they galloped from one side of the field to the other 

they ended with a heroes and villains story

all in all a most enjoyable day out, and the weather although chilly did stay predominently dry.

next weeks blog will again be craft free, but more great days out as we have the week off work and going down south to stay with my mum.

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