Sunday, 8 April 2012

Last weekend we managed to catch, and make the most of the sunshine, before the weather turned. . Hubby had managed to put together my bike, so we went for our first trip out and christened our new bikes. I didn't want to venture too far as I hadn't ridden for nearly two years, so knew I'd be a bit wobbly. So we made a start cycling by the lake and through the park. We came out by the garden centre, and wanted to stop for a cuppa and a browse, but as of yet we hadn't got a padlock, so we didn't want to risk it! So, we continued further to Horsell, the next village, and I actually had the confidence to venture onto the road. We stopped for a couple of milkshakes and made our way back to the park. We stopped for a chill by the lake, for a rest and to enjoy the sun. I had forgotten how much cycling made my wrists ache, and needless to say our butts too ! All in all though, it was most enjoyable, and we are looking forward to our next journey out.

In crafting news, I have completed the Spring birdie and just have the two jubilee birds to finish off, before starting a new project!

We had an Argos delivery this week, a new set of chest of drawers for the bedroom. This had become a necessity purchase, as our current drawers have become unuseable as the drawers don't stay on their runners. This is thanks to our previous accomodation, which was so damp, that the back of this piece of furniture got covered in a green, dusty mould. Now that we are in a much nicer flat, this has now dried out and so has now bowed, and doesn't fit together properly. It will be so nice to sort out the bedroom, which has become a tip, and get the piles of clothes off the floor!

It did take hours to make, but it was totally worth the effort...

Old Chest of Drawers                                                    New Chest of Drawers

After a very hectic, long, hard week at work, and all the madness of pre-Easter, we now actually get a couple of days off to rest.
I requested not to receive any chocolate this year as i'm surrounded by it each day. Instead I was given a needle felting starter kit. This is something i've fancied having a go at, ever since i saw 'Kirstie Allsop' have a go on her craft programme... I'm looking forward to giving this a go, and use it as a way of embellishing items I have knitted...

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  1. All sounds good. hsppy you've got some bikes again to get aroud on, even though makes your bum sore lol!! x x