Sunday, 21 August 2016

Too many pompoms??

                  We've been away for a lovely week in Cornwall, but more on that next week...

                                Before going, I was working on my latest scrap yarn basket

                        With the basket completed, I decided it needed a little something extra!!

I made a pompom using my smallest pompom maker, using a few different strands of different coloured yarns. However, putting it next to the basket, it looked enormous! I had to rethink, and remembered seeing a technique online using a fork, so gave it a go

It worked well, and was easy to do, just  a bit tricky to get the scissors in to make the cuts, but the size was much more suitable!

You can see the difference in size. The fork is definitely a good way to make cute tiny ones!

So the next question was how many?? Just a single bunch each side?

Or a bunch either side of the handle on both sides?
Is there such a thing as too many pompoms?
What do you reckon, which do you prefer??

Whilst away I took the Mandala with me. Although its a huge size so not very practical to travel with, I didn't really have a portable project to take with me. Not only that I wanted to get back into the swing of doing it, and correcting my mistake.

I made a start on the train journey, as its a long 7 hour trip

Took relaxing moments in the garden

And worked on it in the evenings whilst watching the Olympics

So now I have competed week 12 and made a start on 13, but still quite a way to go yet!!

I'll just leave you with one last image, where Ive given my pompom image the Prisma treatment!


  1. I love this basket you created! And, the pompoms really set it off nicely. What a great idea to use a fork as a pompom maker. Your mandala is stunning. I'd love to make one. Enjoy your week, Pat

  2. Love the basket. I prefer 1 set of the pompoms but love the idea of adding them. good idea with a fork. That mandala gets more and more stunning

  3. ;-} Go CRAZY with it and stick the pompoms all around the rim! And then, FILL the basket with more loose pompoms!!

    BTW, I think that MANDALA has now achieved POKEMON "creature" size!

  4. I love the little basket. And even a mandala deserves a trip away!

  5. I really love your basket. I think I like the little clump of pom poms best. Your mandala is looking amazing. Xx

  6. I really love your basket. I think I like the little clump of pom poms best. Your mandala is looking amazing. Xx

  7. I would normally say you can never have too many pom poms but I refer just the one bunch on this very beautiful basket.

  8. What a great way to make mini pompoms. I know a little girl who would love to make some like that.