Sunday, 19 June 2016

seaside treasures and mandala madness...

Very little to show you from this week.
I have worked on the mandala but I've not managed to complete even one round!!
I made a start, figuring out the very complicated section, and then I found after completing the first section I didn't have the right amount of stitches left at the end. Also I wondered why the longer stitches were pulling too much and found id worked in a row too low, so had to undo...

I've now got into the rhythm, but it takes a lot of concentration and is very slow going, and I don't think the next round will be any easier! I will persevere as am loving how this is turning out. Unfortunately it takes up and awful lot of my craft time. I've made a couple of basket bases in preparation for the next styles. And I  did get some of the ideas I have in my head down on paper

Ive managed a couple of walks down by the sea, both of which were very windy
During the week we'd had stormy weather, so the sea had gone quite frothy

And today's walk was deceivingly chilly, with moody skies

Good for the kite and wind surfers though!

The tide was on it's way out so we did some more treasure hunting

As usual hubby helped to find a great haul, and this time had a terrific find of our first blue piece

A great mix of colours found today

We now both have a week off work and tomorrow we will be swapping one coast for another as we head to Weston-Super-Mare to visit my Grandad, and also take in a trip to Cheddar Gorge

Until next week...


  1. I love your Mandala - it's a bit like doing a Sophie's Universe by the look of it! It's really interesting making it but does take up lot of time and concentration as you noted. Hope you have a lovely week off. Ali (

  2. Gosh, your mandala looks amazing you are doing really well with it (even tho you went wrong!) Bit jealous of your sea glass, we never see any up on our beaches.

  3. What a shame about your crochet, undoing and redoing is always such a nuisance but better to find out now I guess!

  4. I love the plans for your new baskets, I can't wait to see them when they are done.

  5. I think you are doing so well with your Mandala, as I can not crochet would not even have started. Love the sea glass colours

  6. I can see how you need to concentrate at the moment in knitting the Mandala will you be back to a mindless knitting section soon? Loving your sea glass and missing home now seeing your beach photos! :D

    1. oops I've typed knitting meant crochet! Have a great week - Chris

  7. Well done on your seaglass haul, I love the colour of the blue one, it's so vibrant.