Sunday, 12 June 2016

Mandala halfway point...

I had a few days off this week, and I was so lucky with the weather. Lovely warm sunny days.
I had an afternoon sat on the beach. The sun was blazing, with a breeze to keep down the heat, the relaxing sound of the waves, and crochet in my hand

so idyllic for a few hours of pleasure. I may have got a little pink though.

The one day me and hubby had together, we had a lovely afternoon strolling along the seafront.

We treated ourselves to yummy milkshakes to cool down. I had a mint aero and he had a crunchie one. Very tasty indeed!

On the way back the tide was going in so we did some treasure hunting. Hubby with his eagle eyes found some great ones, including a great turquoise marble. I have to admit to being completely disgusting and licking it, as I was convinced it wasn't a stone. I can assure you it is, and no it didn't
                                                      taste very good, ha ha...

Having a few days to myself enabled me to dedicate more time to my mandala. It has grown to such a size now, that its the size of our patio table, and I've now hit the halfway point!

I felt completely relaxed this week, and felt very lucky to be living by the sea...


  1. ;-}
    *LOVE* the seagull pic!!
    That mandala is getting HUGE!! - And way too nice to be lying on the rocks! [#sandfleas?!]

  2. The mandala is looking beautiful and so big too! How nice to be able to sit on the beach and work.

  3. Gosh, that is only the half way point. It really is an epic mandala. (I am always children off for over using the word epic, but I think in this case it is appropriate.) I love how the seagulls have organised themselves so nicely.

  4. So beautiful and stunning just love the colours

  5. Gorgeous - I love all the textures you are creating:) I'm just back from holiday and contemplating difference crafts to do whilst on holiday, crochet is on the list!!

  6. I love how your mandala is coming along. I also love near a beach but we dont get any exciting finds like yours!