Monday, 6 June 2016

Granny Basket

Last week the weather was absolutely dreadful, it was like winter had hit again!
This did mean a good excuse to curl up on the sofa and get crafting...
Unfortunately I suffered an annoying setback!
I completed another round on my Mandala, and went to start the next. Something wasn't right! I took a closer look at the pattern, only to find that on this occasion there was a different starting point! I was gutted. Its grown to quite a size now and each round takes some time and I was going to have to unravel a whole row!! I put it aside as I couldn't bare the though of it.

So whilst I put that one to the side, I went back and continued with my basket.

I worked the rounds in a granny stripe which left the washing line cord on show, and used different hues of pink, from light to dark

Each basket is turning out completely different, and with each one I make I'm learning more and they retain their shape better. I'm really pleased with how this one has turned out. And am looking forward to trying out other styles too

I have a few days off next week , so am hoping for some better weather, and i'll put my mistake behind me and get back to my mandala.
Until next week...


  1. Now I know where your basket's colour "inspiration" came from!

  2. Your baskets are adorable! Really love how they have turned out as well as the beautiful colours! What are you going to put in them? More wool? xx

  3. Beautiful baskets, and the colours are gorgeous

  4. Love the baskets and sorry about your mandala, so annoying