Sunday, 22 May 2016

Textural mandala...

Not too much to show as its been another week dominated by work.
I'm still continuing with the Mandala.

The rounds are slow now, but I'm thoroughly enjoying it! After a couple of pattern repeats, it usually stays in my head and I get in the rhythm, but at times I think I must have nearly gone fully round, only to find I'm only halfway!
As promised ive managed to get a full picture, its getting harder to do so now as it increases in size!

I am really loving all the different textures that are coming through with all the different mixes of stitches, and I'm learning a great deal, trying stitches ive not used before...

I am going to be making some more baskets. I have got a few ideas that I want to try, not sure which one will be first, ill see how it starts to work up

We managed one brief seaside walk, but it was deceivingly chilly!
The waves were crashing well and it made them all frothy!

We got a new (well new to us) piece of furniture delivered this week. Its going to be great to finally sort through all our dvds and cds and be able to have easy access to them.

Sadly I don't think ill get much crafting time the week ahead either as I'm travelling northbound for a training course, but ill see what I can fit in!


  1. I love the textures you are getting on this mandala, sooooooo pretty!

  2. I love the mandala and as Julia said the textures just add to the design. Enjoy sorting your new furniture

  3. The mandala is so loverly. The colours go so well together.

  4. Oh wow, that mandala is just beautiful. I think I am going to have to get the wool out, you've inspired me.

  5. The mandala is coming along beautifully

  6. Gorgeous mandala! And that wall unit is very similar to one I acquired a couple of months ago from my grandmother. It looks deliciously retro!