Sunday, 15 May 2016

Pebble covers...

This week has been pretty stressful, and work has been getting too much, so one of my days off I chose a mini project to focus on

Something that's been on my list of things to try, a pebble cover

I look for smooth and good shaped pebbles on our beach walks, and had found a few ready with this project in mind

Again I've worked organically, working round the natural shape

Other than being by the sea, that would make this a natural project to progress on to, my main reason is for decoration. The fireplace in our living room, has an empty space, which had a couple of rocks placed in there. So ive been filling the hearth with prettier shaped pebbles, and I intend to add quite a few splashes of colour. I may even try my hand at painting a few!

To help myself relax I did have another afternoon sat on the beach

Walking along the seafront

And did another round of my mandala under the warmth of the sun listening to the lapping waves

I've now completed week 7 and its growing nicely, and involves plenty of stitch counting on each row. I'll endeavour to get a full picture next week as its getting quite a size now!

I'll leave you with the beautiful bunch of tulips that hubby brought home for me

I'm loving their deep red colour...


  1. Your mandala is looking amazing now. It's been so lovely to see it grow.
    I've been meaning to try handpainting rocks too, I keep pinning ideas on pinterest but still haven't got round to trying it out. I'll be interested to see how you get on if you have a go.

  2. I too am impressed by your mandala. It must take ages now just to do one row.

  3. Your mandala is looking fantastic. It must be taking longer as the rows go on but worth it

  4. What a fun way to add some decorative splashes of colour.

  5. I love your pebble cover, such a great idea xxx