Sunday, 1 May 2016

And then there were 3...

So after completing last weeks small pink ombre basket, I made a start on the next.

This time using the thicker rope. I made the circular base using up the thinner line and a neutral colour, and chose my next colour scheme. The only thing I had in mind when starting out on this one, was I wanted a wider shape. For the previous two baskets I used a single crochet stitch, so it was quite tight and closed, for this wider shape I chose the double crochet stitch, which is more open and stretchy, and makes the inner rope more visible, so has a completely different look and feel to the others.

There is no knowing how these turn out, its kind of an organic way of working, as the tend to evolve as they are being made. I'm thoroughly enjoying making these, they aren't too taxing and I enjoy seeing how they turn out.

I have also managed to complete week 5 of the mandala madness, and the good news is I managed to  not make any mistakes this time!

No other news, or trips out this week, although I managed to find myself a new hairdressers. A tiny independent business. After washing and cutting, she wanted to have a little play, so I ended up with a head full of curls!

Ive managed to pick up another couple of packs of thinner rope, so its time to plan the next in the basket family, and with an extra day of crochet play next week!
Until then...


  1. GREAT HAIR!! :-D

    oh. And Baskets and Mandala, too!!

  2. Stunning flowers, love those baskets and that Mandala? speechless

  3. The different effects you are getting with the baskets are so interesting. What fun to experiment with.

  4. Cute baskets and what patience with the Mandala madness. Love your curls - have a great week, Chris :D

  5. Lovely baskets and gorgeous spring flowers :)

  6. Love the curly locks! And those baskets are gorgeous. It's great working organically, just working away to the whim of the yarn and your imagination. That's when it becomes art!