Sunday, 22 February 2015

Hobbies, new and old

All blooms are complete...

The edges are sewn together...

And i'm extending the envelope close...

It's all coming together, it just needs those blooms to decorate the edges...

We of course indulged on Shrove Tuesday...

And we tried out a new past time. Geocaching...
We failed on our first attempt, mainly due to the weather conditions, so just ended up wet, cold and stressed. But the following day armed with the correct coordinates, renewed enthusiasm and the rain keeping at bay, we had success. After finding our first one, this filled us with excitement and eagerness to continue. We found 5 in total, and felt very pleased with ourselves. I think we're hooked, which is positive as it will encourage us to venture outdoors more. It adds a whole new depth to going for a walk, and I don't think i'll ever look at a lamppost the same way again!!

I had a couple of days off work which enabled me to catch up with my floral mood blanket

7 weeks now completed...


  1. Never tried geocaching, it does look fun and your crocheting is looking fab! Xx

    1. Id definitely recommend geocaching it sure is fun! X

  2. Your flowers are really growing. The geocaching does look fun.

  3. Those flowers for your mood blanket are glorious!

  4. Those flowers for your mood blanket are glorious!

  5. The geocaching sounds very interesting, and I love all of your mood flowers.

  6. Love the flowers in your mood blanket and a wonderful way to use up a multitude of ends of yarn

  7. I love the cushion and your blanket' s gorgeous.

  8. What a lovely cushion such a nice colour. Your blanket is going to look wonderful when it's completed.

  9. My daughter dragged my husband geocaching the other day and they thoroughly enjoyed it too. Your mood blanket is looking really good :)

  10. You're doing so well at keeping up with your blanket, its looking lovely. I've never heard of geocaching but it sounds like its good fun! I'm glad you enjoyed yourselves :) x

  11. That blanket is amazing, I could do the geocaching but not the blanket! Popping by from Handmade Monday