Sunday, 21 September 2014

Hearts and Flowers...

I continued to play and made a colour chart from my berry pictures. The problem with this is it encouraged me to put in a yarn order! Like I need more yarn! But my decent yarns are all pastel shades, which was fine throughout spring/summer, but I wanted some deeper hues for the upcoming months.

I started, on another background colour for the next flower cushion (yes I'm well aware I've not completed the last one :-/ ) This is a multi-toned yarn by King Cole, and has some berry tones about it with hints of purple, blue and red.

I came across a lovely flower pattern on once upon a pink moon blog, and it's not taken me long to make a couple of  these.

They work up nice and big, which is what I wanted, to be nice and bold in contrast to the smaller summery ones.

I made the flowers in stylecraft dk yarn, which although is acrylic is lovely and squishy! I did add a couple of extra layers to the flowers to add some more depth and colour highlights.

Once I've attached these to the front and added some stems I will then decide whether it needs a couple of simple bold leaves, or maybe add some smaller flowers.
Although I do have to admit I think the only reason that I'm considering some smaller flowers, is because of this image that I've seen on Facebook, and I really want to have a go, and trying to find somewhere I can incorporate these as an excuse to make some!!

(not my picture, image taken from The Whoot on facebook)
I did have a long train journey during the week, for work,

which enabled me to make some more of my portable squares

Me and hubby celebrated our 4th Wedding anniversary this week, well I say the term 'celebrated' rather loosely, as with his lack of mobility we aren't really venturing out much. 

We have started little walks each day, so we ventured to our local village, and stopped for coffee and cake, just to have a rest of course!

It was such a pleasure to be out of the four walls, and sit outside in the fresh air, feeling the warmth of the sun
The following day we treated ourselves to a take-out

This weeks mood square....
Ummm not quite accomplished that this week YET, i'll get right on to it...
Watch this space.........


  1. Any excuse to buy new supplies, eh? They are lovely Autumnal tonnes though.

  2. You don;t have to be sorry to acquire more wool, you know it will all be made into something beautiful!
    I saw those little button flowers on line too, they are very cute but it bothers me that they are not symmetrical, I'm trying to think of a way to tweak the idea and make them even. Am I over thinking it?!?

  3. Congrats on you anniversary. Sounds like you had a good week. I love the way you chose the yarn to match your beautiful photos. I'm sure it will make a lovely cushion.

  4. I love the new flower motif, they'll look great on your flower cushions. Those button crochet flowers are jaw dropping, can't wait to see you try them

  5. ONE. CAN. **NEVER**! HAVE. "ENOUGH". YARN!! :-D


  6. All the wild berries coming out at the moment are so pretty aren't they, i love your idea of using the colour palette generator, i've had a play with one before and its great fun.

    The berry tone yarn you've chosen for your new cushion is gorgeous and i love the large flowers :) x

  7. I love that the berry colour palette is full of such deep rich colours; it's going to be gorgeous!