Sunday, 7 September 2014

Guilt free crafting...

I've not got much to show on the craft front this week...

I did sew the flowers on to my second 'summer flowers' cushion, now they are awaiting some foliage to be added. I better get cracking else it'll be winter before I finish it!

Working in retail means I work weekends, and this does clash with crafting as the majority of fairs and meet ups are on a Saturday, so I tend to miss out. However, this week I had found out about a new local crafty meet up, and I made a big effort to be able to go. I have followed the homemakery on instagram for awhile, but as its a visual aid its not always possible to know where people are situated in the world. So it was a very happy surprise for me to find that when Kate announced the dates that it was just down the road from me. It felt like total luxury, to go out and just craft! When crafting at home, guilt tends to creep in, as you can see all the jobs you feel you should be doing!
It was a nice small group, to feel comfortable in,

Kate the host was lovely and bubbly, and after the tea and cookies came out we all settled back to natter and focus on our projects. There was 3 of us crocheting, a lady knitting some handwarmers, whilst two sewers working on quilts. I do hope I get the chance to make a return visit.

What I took with me to work on, has been my 'portable' project for some months.

It goes to work, to be done at lunchtimes, its been on holiday to do in the evenings and also its great to whip out on the train. Nothing taxing, just basic little squares, in drops yarn. At first I didnt know what I would make with these squares, but since I found a plain Calico bag at Hobbycraft, i've decided this is what I will attempt to turn these in to. As I have sewing phobia I wouldn't be able to line a bag neatly, so i'm hoping this will be a solution...

For this weeks mood square i did a slight variation on a basic square, for some of the stitches i stretched them down to the row below. I stuck with summery colours as i'm not ready to face Autumn yet, also hubby has been improving and healing well, and I took an extra day off to take time out to relax....

I can't believe that we've slipped into yet another month
Here is a look back at August


  1. I know what you mean about feeling guilty crafting at home, there's always something else you should be doing! Great that you have found a group of like minded crafty people. Your squares look fab! xx

  2. Aww i'm glad you've found a local crafty group, it sounds like a lovely way to spend an afternoon :) I love your monthly round-up pictures too, its a great way to remind yourself of how much you have achieved! x

  3. I'm so happy for you to find such a great group. I love your granny squares as they are so colorful. Have a great week!

  4. A craft group sounds like a fabulous place to chat with fellow crafters. I think your idea for a bag will be great, can't wait to see it finished.

  5. How nice to be able to go to a craft group that is only around the corner. Bet there was a lot of chatting, cups of tea and cake!