Sunday, 13 July 2014

My second tah dah!!

So after two weeks and I have my second tah dah in a row!!
I've finished my 'Summer Flowers' cushion, which was quite a joy to make, so much so i'm dyeing to make a second one, but not sure ive got quite enough green left!!

After sewing down the petals and creating the stems and little leaves, i was left with quite alot of ends to deal with on the back.

The problem was, they were all different colour threads, which couldn't be woven across the main colour, as they would show through to the front, but i did my best going throught the back of the same colour stitches

I added some pretty little green buttons for fastening

And finally i crocheted the edges together, so I now have another scrummy, fat squishy cushion!

I managed to grab a little bit of sunlight this evening, after work, to take my new cushion for a little walk.....

I'm very pleased with my two cushions, but I haven't touched anything since!
I think I've been revelling at having achieved some finished projects. It's certainly made me feel more positive, more than just the pleasure of creating, but having a purpose at the end of it all...
 I'm a bit undecided what to do next, of course I still have some more wip's to complete or maybe i'll allow myself a new project!!

This weeks mood square (I confess I haven't had a chance to sew in the ends yet!)

The middle part of the square is the 'Spoke wheel' pattern from the 150 blocks to knit and crochet
colours this week = peach - hot summer days
lilac - relaxation
purple - work and lifes chores...

I have no work now for over a week!! We are off to visit my mother on Wednesday, once hubby has had his Mri the day before.
So I'll back with you guys again in a fortnight...


  1. What a GORGEOUS cushion, I love it (and I wish I could crochet like this!) xx

  2. So pretty! Really captures the feeling of summer :)

  3. The finished flowery cushion is lush!

  4. Lovely Job! A wonderful mix of Colour!

  5. Fabulous cushions, they are so summery and colourful.

  6. LURVE this. It's just so pretty! Good job with the ends, I hate sewing in ends, you are so nearly done yet so far from actually finished! You did a great job.

  7. What a lovely cushion what fab flowers

  8. Aww your flowery cushion is soooooo gorgeous! And don't the two look fab together, it must feel really good to have made such lovely additions to your home :) x