Sunday, 20 April 2014


At the start of Easter week, the weather was beautiful and sunny.

We had a visit from Hubby's sister, and with access to transport we took the opportunity to get out, the first time that hubby has ventured out in 3 weeks!!
We are lucky to have a beautiful lake, practically on our doorstep, which we never tire of!

We took our bread crusts to feed the ducks, although it was only geese that came to us!

After an enjoyable sit down in the sun, we went to a neighbouring village for lunch.

We thoroughly enjoyed our little trip out...

As expected, not much crafting happened, with the busy Easter week at work, although not actually quite as busy as it should have been...
The one chance that I did have unfortunately I had a very sore wrist from lifting, so that meant crochet was off-limits. To stop myself twitching too much I focussed my attentions on another craft. I have some little boxes, that i'd kept from work, which would normally be thrown, but I thought they'd be ideal for decoupage.

But as they have quite a dark pattern on I decided to black it out. This was easier said than done though as all I had was acrylic paint , after a few coats it looks a plain white, but after it dries its completely see-through again!

Today Easter day has been pretty grey, wet and gloomy. But we have stayed in and snuggled up.
I got a lovely box of eggs from my Mum

not the usual chocolate kind though... (some lovely bath bombs)

We've had our hot cross buns

And some Easter cake, sadly not handmade

This weeks mood square:-

Yellow for warm spring sunshine, red for fun and enjoyment, pale blue for tired but relaxed evenings and jade for busy, busy work

Happy Easter...


  1. This was such a fun blog post to read. Your photos are beautiful. I hope your wrist is better so that you can get back to your crocheting. Happy Easter.

  2. What a very Eastery post. I like the idea of Easter egg bathbombs, and it is nice to see the bluebells on the way.

  3. Love your photos especially the bluebells Happy Easter xxx

  4. It's so nice to get out in the sunshine isn't it? It's nice to see some brighter colours creeping into your mood squares.

  5. How lovely to live so close to that lovely lake, it looks gorgeous in the sunshine. It looks like you've had an idyllic Easter weekend :) I love the bath bombs from your mum! x

  6. Lovely photos. It's great to get out in the sun isn't it.