Sunday, 2 February 2014

January squares....

This weeks mood blanket square is made of two different colours. Firstly the pink, as things had settled at home, finances were getting sorted, and despite being a bit cluttered and surrounded by stuff, we had made a start working through the boxes.

The second ball used was a multi-toned yarn, predominantly green, but with some yellow and cream too. This summed up work, which is pretty quiet, but still managing to bring stress and frustration

I like how the squares are all turning out so completely different

And already a whole month has gone by!

I haven't had much chance to work on my mini squares, as i've not managed to have much free time

But I did begin the joining process, and have worked the first two strips together

Am hoping to be able to have a lot more of the front joined by next time
so until then....


  1. Love the colour of this weeks square x

  2. I love the Spring colours in this week's square and i'm glad to hear that things are a bit more settled for you at home. I hope you manage to find the time you need for working on your mini squares this week, they are looking fab! x

  3. The joining looks interesting. Did you first to the squares, then added the white/cream line and then join? Sorry, if that's a daft question :\

    1. Thats ok Mecki, no its not a daft question. I am learning and experimenting with joining. I am doing the coloured mini squares and the i am doing double crochet stitches across the whole width of the squares with a chain stitch in between each square. Then to join the strips i put them right side facing and then double crochet the two white strips together. Hope that makes sense xx

  4. The mini squares are looking good, it's a good idea to do the joining up as you go along.
    Good luck with all the sorting out etc and wishing you and your hubby a peaceful week.

    Jan x

  5. Another lovely mood square, I can see your finished blanket is going to be amazing. Have a good week.

  6. Lovely, another mood-blanketer! I love granny squares but I get so fed up darning in all the ends! x

  7. I've not crocheted in years I've never been able to use patterns so ended up just making up as I went along.

    You asked about a travelling journal - a travelling journal is a journal or pages which are passed from one artist to another over a period of time either in the UK or internationally (mine is travelling internationally over 12 months with 12 artists taking part)- each artists works on one page each. So at the end of the journey you end up with a journal/pages full of art.