Sunday, 9 February 2014

mini square joining...

So this weeks mood square is completed. Not a very exciting week. Work has been slow, plus had a meeting in Basingstoke, a shopping centre that I really do like, so I needed no excuse to pop in to Zaras and Wilkinsons. So ive used a neutral cream. Home has been quite relaxed, so I made a lilac centre, but feeling tired and not sleeping too well, so added a touch of blue...

I have managed to complete the horizontal joins on my mini square cushion

Once my little coloured squares are completed, I double crochet across the full width of the squares, adding a chain stitch in between each square.
Then to join, I put two strips together, right side facing, and double crochet the two white strips together...

This is the back of the squares, you can see the ridge going along...

Now i've got to figure out the vertical lines

I think it may be a little fiddly but i'm looking forward to seeing it completed...

With Valentines fast approaching, hopefully i'm in for a fairly busy week at work, and ive always got my squares to come back to, to help me relax...


  1. Thanks for explaining the joining process. Just what I needed. :))) x

  2. I love this week's mood square! Its really interesting to hear why you've chosen the colours you've used, when they're all complete they will tell a real story :)

    Your little squares are looking fab, i'm glad making them has helped you to relax :) x

  3. Lovely work and such pretty colours. Hope you have a good week.

    Jill, Christmas Pie Crafts

  4. The colours you've used for your mini square cushion are so pretty. I really like the idea of a mood square.
    Ali x

  5. It's a lovely idea to do a square a week, it must keep the mind focused and help you relax. I love your choice of colours for how you are feeling.

    Jan x

  6. I love this week's mood square. It's really interesting to see how you are joining together all of your mini squares too.

  7. Your granny square blanket is so pretty. I loved the way you put it together. It's very special indeed!

  8. Love hearing about each weeks mood square. The mini squares are looking good. I was thinking how effective they would look just as they are now on a darker material backing, so the side gaps act as windows.

  9. I love the idea of 'mood squares', to me these colours are reminiscent of spring. It is going to be gorgeous!