Sunday, 26 January 2014

Remembrance and learnings...

Thank you for all your kind words last week.
It has been quite a heavily emotional week. We have had a positive step forward with the finances, and the house clearing did finally come to an end, although that was a heavy emotional pull for hubby to say goodbye to the family home. Final plans came together and Friday was the day of the funeral, and thankfully the rain held off. The day went smoothly and it was a good turn-out. We certainly felt very drained after such a long day, with the journey, the poignant service, and socialising with family at the wake.

We had booked the weekend off, and this was set aside purely to shut ourselves away from the world, to rest and spend some much needed time together.

There was no decision to be made for the colour of my mood square this week, it had to be purple. This was Tisha's favourite colour and the main shade at the funeral.

A bit of sparkle mixed with the plain. This shows the mix of mood and personality.

This is how the first four weeks of my mood blanket are looking. Just hoping now that the colours can start to get a little lighter and brighter as the weeks progress.

My mini crochet squares are still travelling round with me, and the pile is growing...

Back at home the joining process has started. I was unsure what I was doing, and it's been a bit trial and error. I tried to combine the edging and joining together but i didn't like the ridge showing on the front and i felt the crossover joins were a bit hit and miss and were turning out too lumpy.

So I unravelled, and this time i'm doing all the horizontal edging first, before joining.

I''m still learning as I go, but hopefully I can manage okay when I come to do the verticals. Only time will tell.


  1. Sounds like you've had a bit of a heavy week, I expect you're glad it's over. Your mood square is a lovely colour. Good luck with your sewing up this week x

  2. Sorry to hear of your tough time. I know all about funerals, house clearance and sorting out 101 things seemingly all at once. Good to take the weekend off! Never came across a mood-blanket before. Love the purple one. It's my favourite colour too. Looking forward to seeing it grow. x

  3. I really feel for you and your hubby, its such a difficult time when a close relative dies. Its lovely to hear that you have pulled together and supported each other though.

    I really love your mood squares, i think its a fantastic idea and i expect the finished blanket will be something you and your family treasure and enjoy :) x

  4. Best wishes to you and your hubby, it's a difficult thing to deal with. Your mood & memory blanket is a lovely way to record and remember.

  5. Big hugs for all your family this week. I love the purple of your mood square, its one of my favourite colours.