Sunday, 27 October 2013

Sparkly starry Baubles...

This week I worked on my large glittery bauble.  I went away from the traditional colours, but made sure I added shiny lurex with each tone to keep it sparkly.

I added an extra round of edging on the star to make it bigger and joined them at each point around the glitter ball.

I got my little stars pinned and blocked
Then they were ready to go on their new glittery ribbon

One lovely bright and glittery Christmas bunting, a lovely decoration which would look great across any mantlepiece

Hopefully I can get my Star collection up in my Etsy store later in the week

Today we went into town as there was a craft fair on at our local leisure centre.

 We went to this last year and although small, we knew it was worth the trip. Although windy, it was a lovely sunny Autumn day,

 so we went via the park.

and we managed to pick up another couple of  Christmas presents, along with a lovely new vase for ourselves.

yes I even manage to purchase a vase with yarn incorporated!!


  1. Christmas bunting is such a lovely idea. The vase looks a great buy!

  2. Wow - what a gorgeous vase - love the colours. Your stars look fab :-)

  3. That Christmas bunting is stunning. I love it. xx

  4. I love that vase, it's a fantastic shape. Your garland and decorations are lovely. I love the pinky red next to glittery gold.

  5. Gorgeous bunting, lovely and sparkly. Hope you have a good week.

  6. I love your large bauble, its so creative and unusual. Christmas bunting is great - its nice to have something to display that's different from the usual Christmas hangings.

  7. Your Christmas bunting is great! I love how you have steered away from traditional Christmas colours, but still kept the sparkle.

  8. your Christmas star collection looks fantastic! i especially love the bunting, i agree it would look so gorgeous on any mantlepiece :) x

  9. I really like the stars, they look so festive. :)