Sunday, 2 June 2013

Bank Holiday outing...

This week we had a bank holiday, and we were extremely lucky that the weather stayed fine. We had plans. The Surrey County show was on in Guildford, which we have been to before and we enjoy. This time my Mum was going to meet us there.
Its a fun and fully entertaining day.

Beautiful Angora Goats

Lovely Goats


Beautiful Falcon Birds

Pretty little Caged birds

Noisy Poultry

Bees and Honey making

Floristry displays

In the Main Arena, throughout the day, were various events, showcases and races.

Double Harness Scurry races

Traditional Farming Methods

And the monster trucks - Big Pete

And The Grimm Reaper

We thoroughly enjoyed our day, in addition to the above, there was also all the food, shopping and craft areas too. It was lovely to be out in the fresh air, and for the sun to be shining was a bonus.
The only downside of it being bank holiday was the public transport, although things did go very smoothly for us, it did mean busses stopped running very early, which meant a long walk home, after a long day out. We were able to go a scenic route though, with a walk beside the canal, where we hadn't actually been for over a year.

This week I have achieved very little iin the crafting front. But I did manage to complete the dull task of sewing in the ends...

Today, the sun made an appearance again, so we decided to go out on our bikes. We haven't done this for a long time, partly because of the terrible weather, plus its very easy to get lazy!

I was a bit wobbly to start with, but soon got back in to the swing of it. Again, it was lovely to be out and about in the fresh air, though it was a bit hard going on the bum!!!


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  1. Looks like your county show had far better weather than ours last week

  2. I know what you mean about sore behinds. We went out last weekend and mine is still recovering!!

  3. Sounds like you had a great weekend! We're hoping to go to the South of England Show next weekend as we've wanted to go for the last few years, so fingers crossed that the weather holds x

  4. I didn't think there was so much on offer at a country show. No wonder you had a great time xx

  5. Looks like you've had a great day out. love the animal photos!

  6. What a lovely day out and all those great birds and animals to awww over.

  7. You did see an awful lot on Monday. Yiu must have all slept very well after a day like that. And you went cycling as well. You're tiring me out juat reading about it.
    Hope you have chance to a bit more creating this week.

  8. Aww i love country fairs, all the animals are so gorgeous :) and those monster trucks are amazing!

    well done on getting those ends sewn in, its so tempting to put off the dull stuff isn't it :) x

  9. Looks like a fab day out! I've been to that county show before and always enjoyed it :-) Simmi x

  10. Lovely photos, the goats look really great :)