Sunday, 9 June 2013

Colourful London...

It was a trip to London for me this week. I havent managed a visit to the Capital for a long long time. Its easy for us to get to with a direct train, but its just a silly cost! But with the Kaffe Fassett exhibition on at the Fashion and Textile museum, nothing was going to stop me!

I also took the opportunity to meet up with a friend who havent seen since i got married.
We met at London Bridge, and eventually found the museum, tucked away, but not till I managed to trip over a wonky pavement and hurt my elbow  :-(
I was excited to see the works of Kaffe, all that mass of colour at close hand that i'd only managed to pour over in books.

With his still life paintings

His colourful quilts

And Multi-toned knits

There was a whole delightful corner dedicated to his 'cabbage' phase

With an array of quilting and needlework. Everything was stitched, tablecloth, wall-hangings, cushions, armchair and even the slippers!

And a whole wall dedicated to knitwear when collaborating with Rowan

Even the painted design notes were interesting to look at, with the colour notes and instructions

|All in all, it was definately worth the trip, I thoroughly enjoyed being able to see these beautiful stitch works so closely.

By the time we came out, we were hungry, so we grabbed a sandwich and headed towards the river. We had the luxury of sitting in the glorious sunshine, enjoying the warmth, and watched the world go by.

All the surrounding office workers were snatching some rays in their lunch but they soon dispersed and we were left to just enjoy the surroundings.
I cant believe how much the skyline has changed by the Thames. It used to be the historical buildings that stood out with their different architecture depicting their years. But now rather sadly, they are now dwarfed by these huge, glass, alien looking, modern buildings, which are just growing higher and higher!

We had great views of tower bridge for our little pit-stop

But decided to wander down further

past HMS Belfast
But of course, as soon as we moved away from the bridge, what happened, it opened up!!
Luckily we turned around, and had a quick dash back...

We walked down towards London Bridge, stopping to see 
 'The Navigators' sculpture at Hays Galleria

We went as far as London Bridge and made our way back up the opposite side of the river.

we went around the outskirts of the Tower of London

We made it back to Tower Bridge, this time walking across it. As luck would have it, when we were 3/4 the way across the siren went to off to warn that the bridge would be opening. So this time we were able to see it open at close hand.

I was exhausted and sore by the end of the day, but it was a most enjoyable trip.

Crafting wise, (yes I have managed a little), I have put the cushion on the back burner, until i manage to have some hours at home to dedicate to it. But I did a sneaky little, quick make. A little Owl. It is nearly completed, and I want to make a little baby one to go with it too...

Paranormal Activity
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*** started slow, boring + amateur, but made you jump by the end
Wreck-it Ralph
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*** ok but more suitable for kids


  1. Great pictures - such a beautiful blue sky :o)

  2. The exhibition looks fantastic, thanks for sharing it, as I live in London I may take myself to have a closer look.

  3. You've made me want to go to the exhibition, and as I live on the edge of London it is possible. I really like the shell painting, as it is just my sort of thing, and I didn't know he did paintings.

  4. Looks like you had a great day and the exhibition looks well worth a visit. I'll have to check out when and where it's on and see if I can sneak in a visit x

  5. What a great post. I really enjoyed reading about your trip to London. The Kaffe Fassett exhibition looks wonderful, I'm glad you shared your pics as I won't get to go.
    Ali x

  6. What a fabulous exhibition!

  7. what a wonderful trip, i can't believe you managed to pack so much in! I love all the colour at the exhibition, it must have been amazing to be among all those detailed creations. I''m glad the sun shone on you, what a perfect day to see London at it best! x

  8. Wow. No wonder you don't have to visit London that often. you do so much in one visit - it must last you months! You certainly look as if you had a wonderful time. That exhibition looks amazing. A real experience.

  9. Amazing photos - and several places I have never been. Inspiring!