Sunday, 6 January 2013

New Year crafting...

So now I can reveal the secret craft making that I did over Christmas! After my felt making course, I was eager to do a scene from Cornwall for my Dad.

I searched through my photos and images online. I had a mini starter kit, so I had all the bits I needed to dive straight it.
I put across the colours for the background, then layed on top the patches of colour for the shapes, then used scraps of yarn and embroidery to add more detail and bring the scene to life.
I was very pleased with the final outcome, and thankfully so was my Dad!

I also made some mini crochet stars. I used Attic 24's pattern, which was very quick and easy!
My intention was to make some bunting out of them, but I have only made a handful so far!

My first project of New Year, is to start a cushion cover. As I stated in a previous post I intend to make things for the home.
A year ago we purchased a lovely new sofa, our previous one had been second hand and not our taste at all, but I kept the cushions, as I knew I could do something with them!!

I used Planet Penny cotton, as they are a lovely rainbow of bright colours, which is just what I like! I am using the neat ripple pattern, again from Attic 24. This project should keep me going for awhile, the first row was a little tricky but it now flows very easily!

I don't really have much direction at the moment. I usually am quite focussed at the start of a new year, and have plans in my head of what I want to achieve. But this year I'm not sure what I want to achieve, and with crafting I'm not sure in what direction to go next! I guess I will keep pondering until things become clearer or until opportunities or situations arise!

I have just made a new purchase, a lovely new camera !!

My trusty old camera has served me well, but it takes AA batteries which is a bit of a pain, and technology moves on so quickly that it is quite dated now.
So now I have a massive zoom, and loads of megapixels for amazing clear pictures, a big screen to view them on and loads of different modes to play around with!
Now I cant wait to go away to give it a thorough try out!!


  1. Well, whatever you choose to do I hope it's going to be a lovely crafty year for you. :0)

  2. How annoying for you. Is it just your new pictures, or everything? Could it be something to do with the size of the new pics?

    1. very annoying :( the actual button that normally comes up to select Any photo is not coming up! so doesnt matter if old or new pics!

  3. I can't wait to see your cushion cover when its finished! I looooooove cushions :)

    I hope you get your photo upload glitch sorted soon... sometimes these things just right themselves don't they, although not always when you want them too! x

  4. I can't upload photos on my blog either - tried for the first time yesterday and again just now - but mines the same as yours - the button is missing......if I find out it's working again - I will let you know! Can't wait to see your Dads present.

  5. Just googled and got mine to work through google chrome - heres the troubleshooting link -
    Hope you get your sorted too!

  6. Sometimes you just need to wait for things to become clear. It is a shame that technology is not working for you - I look forward to seeing your photos very soon.

  7. I love the boat picture, I guess you talked about it before, so I'm not certain how you did it but it appears to be felted? It is so lovely!!

    I like your camera too, there is nothing like a good camera, I wouldn't part with mine (I should say either of mine since I upgraded mine last year but I do still use my older one as it does some things better than my *better* one. And I also do love my little pocket camera for some things too. Oops, I'm starting to sound like a camera addict... ;)

    I'm sorry that you seem to be having problems with your blog and getting your photos uploaded. I wish I could help. My blog has one very good feature. My son is my BLOG GURU and when something goes wrong (rarely but occasionally) I just call him and say, "What do I do now?!" and magically he fixes it. Every blog should come with one of those but alas, I guess they don't. Of course I had to put 30 years into him first. Good luck, I'm sure you will work it out, but I HATE technical problems because they make me feel helpless (and I used to write my own html on my first blog, believe it or not).

  8. The boat picture is just lovely - and your post has made me itch to learn needle felting and crochet...they've both been on my to-do list for far too long!

    1. you should give them both a go, they are fun and relaxing, oh and addictive :) i can recommend!

  9. popping back to see the pics - your felted boat picture is gorgeous!! x