Wednesday, 20 June 2012

crochet hearts

A short and sweet post this week. After busy times at work and a week away there hasnt been much time, to fit any crafting in, but i have made a start this week, and have been working on my own heart pattern, and have completed two different sizes.

The first, to be a small hanging heart decoration, and the second larger to be a plush. I was very strict on myself this time, to make sure that i did write down the pattern exactly as i went along!

For the small one, i decorated it with pink shiny beads around the edges, before sewing the two pieces together and adding a small amount of stuffing, for a more 3d effect. My biggest hurdle to over-come was how to sew on the hanging ribbon (pretty pink gingham). i seem to have a very negative mental block when it comes to sewing. As i dont have any knowledge or know-how i end up guessing, and its trial and error to get it looking how i want. Unfortunately i dont know any sewers to give me any tips, or pass on their know how, so i'll have to continue learning as i go!

I've completed half the larger heart and will consider how im going to decorate it, whether with beads, sequins or if i find something else suitable to embellish. 

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  1. Imagine doesn't know what sequins are. Anyway, I found out that it means what I've thought it would. :-)

    Lovely hearts.