Monday, 2 April 2012

Alfresco crochet...

Well I have good news to share, regarding last weeks Knit relief auction. In total we managed to raise a whopping £2048 !! It exceeded any of our expectations, and was an exciting venture to take part in. My crochet birdies have now flown off to their new home in Wigan! We would all like to thank everyone who got involved in the bidding wars, and a big congrats to Scarly for organising the whole event!

Spring has certainly come upon us and with it has brought warmth, beautiful bright blue skies and nature has sprouted and bloomed.

On a day off I confess that my normal routine, is sitting in front of the tv, crafting, and even if the weather is nice i still tend to do this, but feel guilty about it. But it was so beautiful this week, and its horrible being stuck at work knowing i cant be out in it, that i decided it was too good to miss out on. So I threw in a bag my craft mag and books, some yarn and hook and took myself down to the local lake, where I had a very relaxing few hours. It felt so nice to take the time out to do the things I wouldn't normally have the time for, and it was made all the better with the warmth of the sun.

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  1. Brilliant you made that much with the auction, you must be very proud of yourselves. Good you took some time out to go to the lake, always great to take time out sometimes. Loads of love Dad x x