Wednesday, 9 November 2011

work in progress wednesday -WIPW

Had a trip to Oxted on-route to visiting my mother-in-law, and took a look in the factory shop. Not sure if it was wise, but i came out with a big smile on my face and a big bagful of yarn. They had lots of different fancy yarns, with 5 balls in each bag for a bargain price, so really how could i resist!!

So today is wednesday and my day off from work, so its my craft day.

With so much yarn to choose from, there was a whole host of ideas to get going on, but i was good and continued with one of my projects that i have started, and i wanted to complete my pink birdies...
I havent managed to complete them yet, this is still a "work in progress", mainly because i need to purchase some large sewing needles as this yarn is too thick to fit through the eyes of the needles i have.

I had some luck at my local charity store today, as i spotted a wooden box just being put out on the shelf. It is beautiful and has 3 tiers which open out. This is going to be my little sewing box to keep the little bits in......

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  1. Love your yarn haul! Looks like an awesome shopping trip!