Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Blue birds completed - new birds in progress

So my 'bluebird' decoration has been completed and i'm very pleased with the outcome, and proud of my accomplishment, as i've been learning crochet techniques along the way. I had crocheted 'small circles' before when making flowers but i needed to make a much larger version.

Then i needed the technique to do a small traingle for the beak, and thanks to 'youtube' vids i was able to pretty easily.

Then out came the traditional knitting dolly, so i could knit the cord for them to hang on.

Lastly, my sewing skills were put to the test! For those of you who know me this is not an area i excel in nor enjoy, but i managed fairly easily, tho i guess it helps that the stitches cant be seen in the texture of the yarn. I found various ribbons to use for the tail and embroidered around wooden donut beads for the eyes. For the finishing touch i added bells at the bottom.

I have now been inspired to continue making more of these, as it was something different for me and a learning process, so i will try another colourway and im even thinking some robins for xmas decorations could be fun!!

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