Tuesday, 15 November 2011

WIP wednesday - but actually on tuesday!!

So i've cheated and actually written this on tuesday, but that's because its my Birthday on Weds, and i'll be having a nice day out in London! :)

So this week i have been continuing with the 'crochet birdies' and the pink one is finally complete!

The sewing seemed to take forever this time, so the novelty has obviously worn off quickly lol...

Never-the-less i'm enjoying doing them, so ive got another one on the go already, and this time ive decided to do Robins for Christmas (even tho i dont normally have anything to do with the C' word!) i did think they would be kinda cute!  I just need to get some black thread to complete the eyes and brown ribbon for the tails!!

Thats all ive managed so far as i have been at work every day, but check in again soon as im having 2 days out this week, so it'll be fun, fun, fun....

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