Sunday, 9 October 2016

Out and about...

This week we've had a lovely week off of work and have been blessed with decent weather.
After a day of rest on Sunday, we caught a bus to Cissbury Ring

It was bliss, being in the heart of the countryside, so peaceful

Just surrounded by the sounds of nature

with views of the rolling fields in one direction, and across the town to the sea in the other

We weren't just there to take in the beautiful surroundings, but we knew there were plenty of Geocaches to find

It was a fabulous place for finds, and we bumped up our total by finding 11

The next day was another rest day, but we did take a trip to the cinema to see Miss Peregrine's home for peculiar children

Midweek and we were on the bus to Brighton. I really wanted to go once I'd heard there were a trail of snow dogs

It seems we're always hunting for something whilst we're out!

It was great searching the lanes and seafront for these amazing doggies, all looking so different as they've been transformed by different artists

The following day we spent more time at home, but with lovely weather we did take some beach strolls, but can definitely feel that its Autumn now as the temperature has sure dropped

I took a trip to the hairdressers for a much needed colour. I've gone back to red to cover those 'natural highlights'

At the weekend we had a visit for hubby's sister and had a lovely day around town, stopping for afternoon tea and fun on the pier

Although we've been out and about a lot, on our rest days with our feet up in front of the tv, I've been beavering away on the mandala

I've managed to complete 3 rounds which I'm very pleased about

To give you an update I'm currently on round 94 out of 111

Despite a change of routine I've still kept on track with my eating

So a great week, relaxing and fun, but tomorrow it's back to reality and work :-/


  1. A wonderful trip, I love the countryside and would not live anywhere else. Those dawgies are fantastic. Your mandala always amazes me, one clever and patient lady x

  2. I love the snow dogs, they look so colourful. Your mandala is looking even better, have you decided what you'll do with it when its finished?

    1. It will be so large I think the only place it will fit is on the bed!!