Sunday, 2 October 2016

Life's full of food!

It seems I have been quite slack in writing posts recently, which is down to general life getting in the way, and I need to reassess my time management. Since starting slimming world (which is going well, I hasten to add) any spare time windows have been spent on either meal planning or food prep.

I haven't neglected crafting completely, as I'm still working away on my Mandala, but with the size it is now, working each round is quite time consuming, especially if its a complicated round.

I'm still enjoying working on it, but it does get very tedious from about halfway round!!

Having looked back over my September pictures (where did that month go!?) I need to squeeze a bit more time in for my baskets, I'm not sure how or when! Maybe if I can get a bit more super organised with the food, maybe I can squeeze a few more minutes!

Seeing as we've been extremely lucky with the nice weather in the uk, we've made the most of it and been for some lovely beach walks

Last night we went out to the theatre and saw a production of 9 to 5, put on by a local amateur group, this being said it was a great show. I had no idea what to expect but it was most enjoyable 

This was a great start to what is now a week off work for us. We haven't got too much planned but we are hoping to do a trip to Brighton and possibly get to the cinema!
Ta ra for now...


  1. Your mandala is just beautiful, so much work but it is going to be so worth it!

  2. I keep wondering if you have an end in sight for your mandala. Love your photo of the windy sky.

  3. I am stunned by your mandala, just beautiful

  4. Your mandala looks fab and I'm also doing slimming world - your food is looking gorgeous