Sunday, 7 February 2016

A new start by the sea...

Well hello,
It's been a whole month since my last post, and despite no crafting having taken place, there have been a lot of big changes!
We've moved. House, job and county!
With both our jobs we were able to transfer. We've moved into a spacious flat, which we can just about see the sea from the front windows.
We have been surrounded by boxes for awhile and probably will for a long time yet.

The move went pretty smoothly, thanks to family and friends.
We left town behind, there was nothing keeping us there as we only moved with my job, but leaving behind people who we'd grown close to was the hardest part, but our dream of being by the sea has become a reality.

I went straight into work, so its been a bit of a whirlwind!
With so much to do, we are making sure we are taking the time out to appreciate where we are.
In the space of just two weeks we have seen an extreme of weathers. Strong gale winds, blue skies and beautiful sunsets, all have been exciting and exhilarating in their own way...

We are looking forward to more adventures by the sea, to get out on our bikes when the weather improves and to start geocaching.
I've got the massive task ahead of unpacking and sorting my crafting items which i've amassed over many years, wish me luck with that!!!


  1. Isn't UNpacking pretty much "geocaching" in itself? ;-}

    Anyhoo, LOVE the pics!! GOOD LUCK with the new place and job!

  2. Good luck in your new home. With views like that I think you are going to love it.

  3. Amazing sunset! Good luck with your new house and job. It sounds like a wonderful new adventure!

  4. I hope you are very happy in your new home. I've moved around the country a fair bit but it was lovely when we decided to move back 'home' to essex.