Friday, 1 January 2016

Reflection and 'Moving' forward...

It's been awhile, and now we've entered into a New Year, I need to get back into the blogging rhythm despite whatever madness is going on around
I don't need to think at the start of this year, like I usually do, about how to move forward, what changes I want to make, or what I want to achieve, because it's happening now, we are in the midst of it now!

We've talked for awhile about wanting to live by the sea, but talking and making it a reality are usually two different things. Before we knew it an opportunity arose at work and it was actually happening.
So this last month has been non-stop craziness, with the silly season, the busiest time at work and any spare moment at home was spent cleaning, tidying and decorating, a mammoth task at not the easiest time of year!

So we know we will be in a new area, with new places to explore, in a new house (which we must keep clean and tidy, a fresh start!) and hoping to get out and about more to be more active. It's very scary but all exciting too.
The main problem for us to sort is finding somewhere new to live. At the slowest time of year for properties and at a time when there's so many Bank Holidays its made it very difficult, but on Monday we will be taking the trip south to do a full day of viewings and fingers crossed there will be something suitable for us. It'll be a fast and furious and stressful month ahead, but I know for sure in the months going forward it'll be well worth it!

Christmas was a quiet affair for us, just cozied up indoors in front of the tv. We didn't even bother to unpack the decorations but Mum gave us a little decoration for us to light up

We had a lovely roast dinner

We had lots of lovely presents, though it was weird not having a tree to put them under!

We opened them slowly but surely throughout the day

Mum always gives us a fun lucky dip bag to open, and this year it was full of food goodies!

I hadn't picked up a hook in about a month, and it was hard, as that is my relaxant and creative outlet. At Christmas, having some rest days, I grabbed my hook and a ball of multi toned yarn, with no plan or idea or pattern and went ahead and made a flower. I wasn't sure about the way it was looking with the sporadic colour changes, but I went with it and made more flowers, joining them together as I went.

It worked up quickly, and it felt so good to be making again, and the more flowers I added, the more I liked the way it looked

I went out last week with the girlies from work for my leaving meal. We went to Carluccio's as it was one of the new restaurants in town that I hadn't been to. We had a great evening with delicious food.

New Year was yet another quiet affair, just the two of us snuggled up, with a little drinkie to see in the midnight chimes...

So we will see how the next few weeks unfold on our venture towards the coast, and I will do my best to keep you posted along the way.....


  1. Happy New Year! Looks like you had a joyous holiday. Best of luck with your move. Pat

  2. Oooo! I like that Moosey light thingy! And the Flowers are great! - I know how you feel about being AWAY from your HOOKS! Especially with the "pressures" of the "Holidays"! Honestly, why do "THEY" stick holidays right in the middle of WHEN you're *trying* to get something DONE!! Anyhoo, GOOD LUCK with the whole MOVE thing! I don't envy you the hassle of it all. [Just keep a Hook in your pocket to hang on to your "sanity" through it all]

  3. Happy New Year and hope you find your perfect home soon

  4. Happy New Year, good luck on the house search - we ended up buying one of the first few houses that we'd seen (after several visits) it's tough doing it from a distance but you just have to organise the estate agents.

  5. Oooo you have lot's of new things to look forward to. It seems a bit daunting but quite exciting too. I didn't have a tree this year, I just had my twiggy tree and lots of fairy lights around the house, (I have my fairy lights all year round) Looking forward to hearing about your new adventures. Best wishes for 2016 x

  6. I hope everything goes smoothly for your move. Must be exciting and scary at the same time!