Sunday, 25 October 2015

From one little posy...

If you cast your mind back to prior my holiday, you may recall I was working on my posy scarf. Having got past the fiddly stage of working out the join, it just needed completing.

I can happily say it is now finished. Once in the rhythm of the join it flows quite nicely, but still takes a bit of concentration to make sure it's going correctly. It just needs to go on the blocking mat now so that it can be photographed in all its glory!

I had intended to then move on to a new design, and I've been having a little play!

After looking at the scarf and with my new yarn purchases I thought how lovely it would look as a shawl.
So I set about doing some colour swatches.

After eliminating one, I was undecided between the other two, and after posting my picture,the response was split too.

So I listened to my gut instinct and went with the warm soft pinks. I made a few centres, and now have started with the petals.

I'm hoping, as the joining will be the same in theory to the scarf it won't be too hard, but we will see, as we will be working in odd numbers in a row instead of even!
I still kept looking at my other colour swatch, and decided that this more contrasting colourway would lend itself nicely as a cushion. After more glances I thought how nicely a little hexagon would slot into the gaps!

So now from one little posy, we have a scarf, shawl and a cushion...


  1. They look GREAT! - And a LOT of work!

  2. Wonderful, looks good already without the blocking

  3. It looks fabulous, I love the warm pink colours too.

  4. Your scarf is so beautiful! I really like the hexagon in with those flowers too!

  5. Such a pretty and unique scarf :) can use them in many ways look forward to seeing what you make with them (either cushion or/and shawl)

  6. how stunning! What a lot of hard work you have put into it. well done honey xx

  7. The scarf is beautiful, are you keeping it for yourself?