Thursday, 15 October 2015


We managed to escape this year, for a much needed break, and Spain was our destination of choice. We had a very early flight, so our first day was just spent browsing the local area by foot, in a dazed tired state, but we still appreciated the warmth of the sun, and surrounding beauty.
For first full day, we had pre planned to take the Benalmedena sightseeing bus, and got ourselves a great 2 day deal.
Our first stop-off was at the cable cars. Hubby was a little trepidacious, as it went up the side of Calamorro mountain, but it was fun and could see all along the Costa del Sol coastline.

We made it up just in time to see the falconry display at the Valley of Eagles

Some beautiful birds, with huge wing spans. One did fly off for a bit of a tour, I hope he made it back ok!
We climbed the rest of the way up to the top, to see the outstanding views layed out before us

After our ride back down, it was back on the bus for bit more of a view of the town.
We got off early, so we could take a stroll down the promenade.

With shops and restaurants to our left and the sea and beaches to our right we had plenty to look at on the stroll back

But all along the way were great art works on the paths to distract us from the long, hot walk back

Day two, and it was back on the tourist bus, this time we went to the Dolphinarium, which we only  went to as it was part of the package. Again our timing was impeccable and we arrived just in time to see the dolphin show. These adorable creatures showed off their skills, leaping and acting on command.

There were plenty of animals to take a look at after the display. The penguin enclosure with its mix of breeds, swimming and waddling were beautiful.

After our packed lunch, we headed to Paloma park, another pre planned destination. This park totally lived up to its reputation. Initially our views were lush greenery, palm trees, and chickens!! Winding our way round the pathways, we then spotted some stunning peacocks, with extremely long plumage.

We've heard plenty of squawks coming from the tops of palm trees on previous days, but this time we were able to spot what was making the raucous noise. Bright green parakeets.

Best for me, later in the afternoon, was spotting the lovely bunnies. Shading themselves under bushes and out on the lawns nibbling.

There was just one incident that dampened the mood briefly, when we were approached by 2 gypsies trying to sell us flowers, invading our space. On their departure hubby knew something wasn't right, and found he had been pick-pocketed, but he went straight after them, and got our money back. We decided we needed a strong coffee and cake after that!

It was then round to the top end of the park, to the Cactus area. There were a huge variety in all shapes and sizes, tall and fat, fluffy and spiky. 

This park had everything lakes, trees, flowers, birds, animals, sculptures, exercise areas, green space and cafes

I can honestly say this is the best park i've ever been to!!

Day three, was a rest day, lazing by the pool and soaking up the sun rays, just moving on occasion to fill ourselves with a bit more food!

Day four, and we took the public bus up the mountainous roads to an Andalusian village called Mijas


With the traditional white houses, and tiled roofs

There were plenty of steps up, but worth it for the views

They still had the traditional 4 legged taxis

The 17th century shrine at the cliff side

And an array of colourful fountains

We stopped for refreshments and ended up with the hugest slice of cake!

Day five and we hopped on the public bus to Fuengirola as there was a massive weekly market, the stalls seemed to go on forever, but we managed to pick up a few gifts

After we ate our pack lunch, we spent the rest of the afternoon  relaxing on the beach

Day five, We stayed local, walking along the promenade looking around the shops for more gifts, and took more time to relax on the beach

Each night, after dinner we enjoyed an evening stroll, whether along the beach or the promenade. It was still lovely and warm , and relaxing to hear the sound of the waves

For our last day, we took another stroll around the marina

and a last look around the shops. I found the best shop and could have spent a fortune, with clothes and bagis in a rainbow of different colours!

It was the hottest day and our flight wasnt till the evening so we made the most of the sun rays and sat on the local beach

I enjoyed paddling and foraging amongst the shells and found my first piece of sea glasss

Of course throughout our time I took plenty of pictures of flowers! A whole bright, colourful bunch of petals for future inspiration

We were sad to leave sunny Spain and head back to England to face a long stretch of  Winter, but we have some lovely memories...


  1. Fabulous pics!! - Love those cactus!

  2. Wow, wow and triple wow, your photo's are wonderful, what great memories to keep, I love the views. It's great to see a wonderful array of flora and fauna.
    It's must of been really scary when you realised you had been robbed, good on hubby for getting it back and I'm glad it didn't spoil your holiday. :)

  3. How wonderful to get a break in the sunshine, sounds like you had a great time:) great pictures, particularly like the cactus:)

  4. Really beautiful and interesting photos, looks like you had lovely weather! The rabbits and donkeys are very cute!

  5. What a wonderful break, so colourful. Sorry about the pick pockets not a nice experience and agree coffee and cake are the best way forward

  6. It all looks so beautiful, I'm glad you have had a lovely holiday.

  7. What an action packed holiday. So lovely to get a bit of sunshine. Great photos.