Sunday, 23 August 2015

Blocking Blooms...

On our day off last week, we were lucky with the weather, so after the chores were done we were back on our bikes. We cycled to Woking town centre, and stopped to look for our first Geocache around the WWF building. We made our way back, and found 3 more, but they were harder to find so we saved the others for another time, and cycled the rest of the route back...

I have continued working on my orange blooms this week

As I have so much blocking to do, and a towel really wasn't ideal, I sourced a set of foam mats, although technically play mats, they seem to be a popular, affordable option.

They have worked so well. The pins pop in so easily and stay in too!

The flowers are coming together. All the orange petals are made so i'm just adding the red edging and joining as I go and then blocking each flower

I'm thinking about writing out a pattern for this one, but as I haven't written a pattern for someone else to understand, I think I may need to do a bit of research first!

The weather has been quite erratic this week. From bright blue skies to deep, dark heavy rain clouds, but whichever we've had it's been very humid

Our flat is pretty hot, so when it gets too much, we have a lovely lake we can visit. just down the road

I never tire of this view, and a lap of the lake is a perfect stroll in the sun

We did have a sneak treat this time !!


  1. ;-]
    Whatever *works* and is INEXPENSIVE! - Perhaps try a couple layers of yoga mats if you can find them a good price. Anything has to be cheaper than the "official" blocking mats!

  2. Lovely colour flowers. Blocking is a pain but worth it! I bought a game from a boot sale which was just blocking mats coloured pink- very cheap! Your sky picture is great - strange cloud effects😀

  3. Those mats look ideal and they looks as if working a treat, your banner is looking so good. Love the lake views, have a thing about water so tranquil.

  4. Love how the flowers come out blocked, worth the effort. The matts were a good find:)

  5. Oooh, yum, there's nothing like ice cream in the sunshine! :) Your flowers are so pretty and they look fab together as a garland, such a nice way to brighten up a room on gloomier days :) x

  6. Oh yes. They're looking gorgeous. I do like the idea of them as a garland - you could put them in the garden in the summer like bunting. Very cheerful!

  7. Those flowers are gorgeous! I look forward to giving them a go if you write up a pattern!

  8. I love the flowers you have created. But, I fell in love with the lake picture with the swan. You captured a perfect scene with your camera. My best to you :)

  9. gorgeous flowers, you should definitely write a pattern for them, I'm sure it would be very popular