Sunday, 30 August 2015

3 flowers growing...

So I seem to be juggling 3 different floral projects at the moment, not that that should come as much surprise!
Firstly, the rustic lace flower scarf, still set aside waiting patiently for its ends to be sewn and to be blocked.

Secondly, the orange bloom scarf. I have still pain stakingly been pinning and steaming these blooms, and have only one flower left to add, so the end is near. I did try it for size to make sure the length was right, and thankfully I made the right amount. But i'm not too happy with how the petals lay, although not as curly as when first off the hook, they're not staying as open as I'd like, so I may actually wash it and pin it in place to dry, once its complete.

My third project was unplanned, and very spur of the moment! I've been struggling to get to sleep the last few nights, one of those nights, rather than laying there frustrated, I went in the front room and picked up my hook, and these little flowers were the outcome.
I did a simple circular edging, which I have since frogged. It worked well to join just 2-3 flowers together, but wont work for more, as you end up back at the same finishing point. I like how these look, but it's on the drawing board, whilst my mind tries to conjour up a join as you go method!

These are of course on top of the mood blanket, which is a continuous year-long project that I pick up as and when I'm able.

We finally booked out summer holiday this week, which we're in need of, as i'm feeling so exhausted, only 3 weeks till we venture to the Costa del Sol!
This week, with an extra day off we're hoping to take a trip to London Zoo, so next weeks post could be full of animal pictures instead of flowers, for a change!


  1. I am looking at all your beautiful flowers with even more scrutiny, wondering if I will ever be able to make anything like them.

  2. Such a lot of beautiful flowers, I'm sure you will suss out a great solution for those pretty white flowers with the green border, just let us know when you do!

  3. I love looking at the flowers you create each week and think they are wonderful. You could add one of those large slides to the trio or add to a headband.

  4. So many pretty things, you have been busy! I love the new flowers, definitely a late night moment of genius :) x

  5. The little white flowers with the green border are so sweet. I'd have them on pins to put in my girls' hair. Very pretty.

  6. Such pretty flowers, a meadow almost! Xx

  7. Such pretty flowers, a meadow almost! Xx

  8. As ever beautiful flowers, although not envying all those ends to sew in!!!