Sunday, 17 August 2014

Sticking with hearts...

So this week I carried on in my happy sticky place!
More cutting tissue into little squares, and glueing them into place round the heart boxes.

I also had a try at using paper napkins. I have read on other blogs of these being used as a medium and I liked this idea. So I popped in to trusty Tiger and found a pretty patterned set, which I initially dismissed as I thought it looked too (whispers) Christmassy, but then I realised that was a good reason to buy it! I liked the way this turned out and by peeling away each layer it gives you plenty to work with. As I am upcycling boxes, I have a pattern I need to cover up, so using the plain white back layer of the tissue this works well. I then started to add the second layer of tissue, which has a fine imprint of the design, and I left it, as I thought this looked like a pretty pastel version.

Once I'd completed the bright version, I thought a tiny sprig of holly, or a festive bow would finish it off nicely, so it looks like a trip to Hobbycraft is in order...

I now can't wait to move onto some bigger projects, they will need much more embellishments, but all my papercraft  resources are buried at the back of the garage!!

With all this paperwork going on it meant I didn't get much crochet done, in fact the only progress I've made on my summer flowers cushion is some sewing! Yes, you did read that correctly, Sewing!!!
The problem I had, was I wanted some smaller, more delicate flowers at the bottom of the cushion, but even the smallest flowers in my crochet book were turning out larger than I hoped. So my solution was to add some embroidery flowers. Firstly I had to look up how to do this. I found a great little video clip on Needle 'n threads website, on how to do the daisy stitch. It's was just what I wanted, and possible for an amateur like me!

I think they will look cute nestled in the leaves and stalks of the bigger flowers, and I added some button centres to help make them stand out more.

I've gone back to basics with this weeks mood square, for the simple fact that @suregal27 declared it to be grannysquareday on Friday and a whole host of crafters posted a close up picture of their granny square,

which enabled us by the end of the day to make a collage of people's squares and end up with a virtual blanket...


  1. Absolutely *LOVE* the "Virtual"-Granny-Blanket idea!! - And, those Boxes are coming along quite nicely!

  2. Your boxes are lovely, so many gorgeous colours and patterns - really beuatifiul. What a great idea the virtual granny blanket is. Hope you have a good week.

    Jill, Christmas Pie Crafts

  3. Loving the idea of a 'Happy Sticky Place', and I love anything that's crafty and virtual. Cx

  4. Love the boxes and the different effects you got with the paper serviettes.
    You crochet is, as always, lovely!

  5. Your boxes are beautiful, I recently bought some to play around with and you've definitely given me the encouragement to have a go (once everything's unpacked of course)

  6. What wonderful boxes you've created. All so different and all so pretty. I really like the virtual crochet blanket. It's a lovely idea.
    Ali xx

  7. Haha! Love the 'virtual blanket' :)

    Your heart boxes look fantastic all together, i love the new green and red one, such a striking design. I can tell you've really enjoyed making them too which is lovely :) x