Sunday, 10 August 2014

Patch perfect...

With a mix of lovely hot sunshine, and heavy showers, more flowers have sprouted and bloomed.

But mainly this week, I turned my hand to Decopatch. Dad had bought me a beginners pack last year, and my intention had been to find a course, but months passed and I never found one. I don't know why I didn't have the confidence to just go ahead, but having taught myself crochet from youtube clips, I got to the point of thinking, lets just go for it!

So out came the glue pot, paintbrushes and mix of papers. I had some empty boxes that I had saved from work which I knew would be perfect.

I cut up the paper into little squares, and just went for it...
Oh my goodness, it was so much fun!! So childlike and free, just cutting, sticking, and getting icky sticky fingers!!

I also did matching bases inside

Then I thought, how about taking it a step further and adding a bit of sparkle! So out came my box of treasures!

And I thought the golden star sequins would go very nicely with the purple and gold marbled effect paper

I thoroughly enjoyed my afternoon of fun, and am happy with how they've turned out. I can't wait to do more! 
I also have some larger round boxes, and my mind is already racing with different ideas on styles and ways to embellish them

As we don't own a table, or have any good flat, plain surfaces I have to find different ways to photograph my makes. I have found the papers in Craftseller magazine quite useful, but I noticed tonight how amazing the difference in colour that my products turned out, dependent on what colour background I used!!

These are the same boxes, but with a bright coloured background, the colour of the boxes zing, but with a paler background the boxes become much more muted. I'm sure this is very obvious but a  good lesson I think, and more playing around and experimenting can be done...

So to this weeks mood square. I have been quite washed out and lethargic this week, so i've used a mid blue and two shades of green, and I tried a version of the spike stitch.


  1. Ooo! SPLENDID JOB! Love THEM!
    BTW, for "backgrounds", I often use the odd bit of fabric or a sweater when I'm photographing something small... on the foot of my bed! And, yeah, the background "colour" does affect the "subject" tones!

  2. Your boxes look fantastic! I've always wanted to have a go at decopatch and you've made me want to try it even more now! :)

    Its amazing how different colours can turn out in photos isn't it, i use a white background to try and get a 'true' colour bur even that doesn't always work :) x

  3. I love the fact that you have also done the inside of the boxes.

  4. I know exactly what you mean about the joy of glueing and sticking. It's fun to do. Your mood square is lovely. Really effective pattern.

  5. I love your boxes. It's amazing how they look different with each background. The crochet square is very nice.