Sunday, 4 May 2014

Disorganised crafting...

So after focussing on one project last week, the plans for this week was to continue, picking out flower patterns to embellish the cushion front.
But there was a set back, I have not been able to find my crochet flowers book at all!! Anyone would think we live in a disorganised mess... Oh wait, we do!!
So that threw me, I was stuck, I didn't know what to do...
On the plus side, whilst searching through boxes and the garage I did come across my long lost stuffing.
So a project did manage to get completed, just not the one I expected.
Remember my Owlie, that lay flat and abandoned, he has now fully come to life.

And another surprise I found another WIP that i'd forgotten about, Mummy and Baby Owl.

In the time that I was deliberating what to make I paid attention to my mood blanket. I had stopped joining the squares, and realised the reason why, was that I wasn't keen on a couple of squares, so I decided to change them for the better, sticking with the original colours of course...

The squares on the left are the new versions, and i'm much happier with them, so I have now got my joining all up to date.

And I had a great find in our local BHF store, this lovely seat, which opens up, for just £5. I'm not sure whether to revarnish it and keep it its original colour or whether to give it a shabby chic make-over? Either way it will of course be having a crochet, cushion top...

This weeks mood square.
Grey = feeling melancholy, lilac = relaxed, pink = giggles and cuddles with hubby


  1. Me too!!! I can just imagine loads of them, all a little different sat in a line! Owls are just so popular at the moment. xx

  2. I love it too! I just looked at the original post to see if there was a pattern but there wasn't. It's so cute - can you remember where you got the pattern? The stool is a very good find - what a bargain!

  3. I'm voting for a shabby chic makeover on the seat. x

  4. Can't wait to see what you do with your stool

  5. Love the little owl now he is plumped out. The stool is a great find. I would also go for shabby chic.

  6. Oh i love how your mood blanket is coming along! Its going to be soooo gorgeous when its finished!

    I'm glad you managed to finish off your lovely owls :) x

  7. I love owls, they're always so popular too. Your mood square for this week is lovely, as always.

  8. Brilliant that you finished a project while looking for another! Cute little owls.

  9. You know, some of the Best WIPs are the ones that get to "ferment" for a bit! :-D
    That said, I have to start storing mine in CLEAR bags... My "stash" is beginning to look like an archaeological site!

  10. I love your stuffed owl. Rather reassuring others have difficulty locating their craft supplies!!