Sunday, 25 May 2014

Cornwall 2014

So this past week we have taken our annual holiday down in Cornwall, to visit my dad. Its not turned out quite like our usual visits, firstly we have gone earlier in the year than usual,  hence the weather has not been so great, plus with hubby's knee still not fully functioning it meant day trips out weren't possible. But of course we made the best of things, spending time with family, relaxing and still managing to see some of the gorgeous coastline...
Its a very long train ride, which actually flew for me as I got engrossed in my book, and thankfully we had some space to enable hubby to stretch out...

We had a lazy morning to recuperate, playing with the cats

a chance to crochet and a spot of lunch al fresco. After which  we took a little stroll around the harbour,  popping in to a few of the local galleries to see the latest pieces.

Oh and we stopped for the obligatory cream tea, of course! 

The next day the weather was changeable so we took a trip to the local garden centre. Garden centres these days have a bit of everything,  not just plants, although there were some beautiful blooms too

We checked out the gifts, books and fishes and there would be no doubt that my favourite would be the bunnies...

And a beautiful, coastal  drive back

I do love how the Cornish hedgerows are left to their natural, wild state

so much prettier than trimmed and controlled. Then it was back round to the familiar sight of the harbour

The following day was the only fine one we were going to get, according to the forecast, so we intended to make the most of it!

The plan was to drive the south/west coast and make some stop-offs along the route
We headed to Marazion and the unmissable sight of St Michaels mount, a sight that you can't tire of, and which changes with each season and change of light...

Further along to Penzance we stopped at LongRock

Going through Newlyn and Mousehole, we made a refreshment stop at Lamorna Cove

We had a hobble down to see the lovely sands at Porthcurno

We had a long stop-off at the Minack theatre, an outstanding outside theatre, a vision from one outstanding actress who carried on with the building of it, right through to her 80's

Surrounded by beautiful gardens

Set with idyllic coastal views

Can you imagine watching a production in such a setting?
Amazingly Hubby managed to combat all the steps, and he said it was worth the effort, but he did pay for it in the evening
By this time the day was slipping by rather quickly and we'd yet to have lunch
So it was a rush trip to Lands End.. But everything closed up and no food was available, my second, and yet again disappointing trip to this destination
So it was onwards to Sennen Cove, where we found a lovely little pub to have our meal

We carried on further north before looping round to come back down, stopping briefly at Zennor for refreshments

It was an amazing, packed day, which we all thoroughly enjoyed, but it did wear us all out...

The weather was appalling the following day, but we all needed time to recuperate 

In the afternoon, there was a break in the clouds

So we took a short drive to Poldhu

where, of course, we had to indulge in a tasty refreshment

On our last day, we decided a town was our best option, so we chose Penzance, which was not too far to venture
We strolled round the town, a stop off to indulge in a bit more cake, and down historical Chapel street

On our last night, we decided to eat out at one of the reputable, 'foodie' restaurants, and the food ceratinly lived up to its name...

Before we knew it, the week had flown by. It gets harder and harder to leave each year, and go back to a town, and i definately hate that we only get to visit once a year. I miss seeing my Dad more often, and its such a beautiful, relaxed, friendly and arty area...

But... Until next year......


  1. What a wonderfully relaxing week, beautiful photographs & what looks like some rather yummy food:)

  2. Some beautiful photographs. You have reminded me of a few holidays I have had in the past (especially the Minnack Theatre where we were spoilt for choice between the show and the beautiful sunset), and that I need to organise this year's holiday.

  3. What a lovely holiday despite the changeable weather.

  4. What gorgeous photos! Cornwall is such a beautiful part of the world and it sounds like you managed to pack a lot of lovely things into your trip. I'm glad to hear that hubbies knee held up okay :) x

  5. What absolutely lovely photos - some of them triggered a few Cornwall memories for me, which was lovely. A wonderful part of the world - I know you would like to visit more frequently but once a year is something to be grateful for! x

  6. I think I have forgotten how much I love Cornwall, we went every year when I was little. Your photos brought it all back! I remember most of those places but not the theatre, I think I will have to persuade the family that we need to visit as that looks pretty amazing.
    What a shame the weather didn't hold up as we have had such a lot of nice days recently, glad you managed to squeeze a cream tea in though. (essential UK holiday activity!)

  7. What a beautiful place to spend a week, I hope you're feeling all rested and relaxed.

  8. It was lovely to virtually come along on your holiday. Your photos are wonderful and really show the beauty of Cornwall. Like you say it would be great if you could go more than once a year. I hope your hubby's knee is on the mend. Have a lovely week.
    Ali xx

  9. Beautiful pictures - glad you had a good time :o)

  10. Looks like you have had a fantastic time away. Your photos are beautiful. xxx